“As both an actor and director Paul is consistently a resource full of imaginative ideas but at the same time he has always been willing to hear the opinions of others and defer to those that might be better than his own. As a director, Paul is a refreshing eye and will always have something outside of the conventional norm to offer in any given situation.  In my experience with him he could be remarkably devoid of ego.  He is a talented and devoted theatre artist and one that you will find brings a fresh perspective and a great love of the art form to all that he does.”


Steven McElroy

Theatre Director/ Freelance writer for the New York Times.

  • Bio

     Paul Angelo serves as the artistic director of Staged! musical theatre theatre in Portland, Oregon.  He holds a BFA in musical theatre from SUNY Fredonia and an MFA in performance from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival/University of Alabama.

  • Ok, I'm bad at blogging...

    Obviously I don't post lots of blogs.  I do, however, update the rest of the website regularly.  Except the downloadable resumes, ignore that for now. My director's resume page: here on this site has the up to date projects.  I am generally working on a show and then I seem to have no time left, or desire, to write a blog entry.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to work and create so I jump into those projects with a tunnel vision.

  • Some more projects...

    I’m terrible at writing a blog…truly.  I am, however, determined to improve - that’s a start.  Let’s see, Hamlet just closed at Post5.