Well it's closed.  It's a show that I will never forget.

 Oregon Artswatch

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How Time Flies...

It's hard to believe so many months have passed since I last posted an entry on this blog.  So much has happened since the successful run of Big River last spring.  I am currently directing the Oregon premier of Jason Robert Brown's '13'  which will open in February of 2012. The company I am a part of, Staged!

Big River

When Les Mis closed in 2008 the first thing I said to Staged! artistic director, Chanda Hall, was “Let’s do Big River next!”  Les Mis was the first All-star production produced by Staged!  The Annual All-star production brings together the most talented High School and College actors (and occasionally younger) in the greater Portland metro area to create theatre in a conservatory setting.   

A brief history from then till now...

When I was eleven years old I saw a live theatrical production for the first time in my life- it rocked my world-instantly the focus of my life was set and has never wavered from the course my heart demanded that day as I sat on the gym floor riveted to the High School’s production of “Oklahoma.”  While the image is comical to me now the passion ignited that day was very real.  My trajectory through the art of theatre began as an actor-Acting would become the supreme focus of my young life.