Well it's closed.  It's a show that I will never forget.

 Oregon Artswatch

a link to a really wonderful review.

It's difficult to let some shows go...I find they're always fun, sometimes really good, and once in a great while transcendent. 13 was the kind of experience that demanded every ounce of everyone's focus for every second. The kind of show that will kick your ass if you approach it with half yourself engaged. The kind of show that transforms you as a person because you have to stretch yourself to achieve the greatness inherent within the material.  It was the kind of show that can be, and truly was, a transcendent experience.  It had a very successful run with the last two weekends selling out.  We added a matinee to the final Saturday that played to a full house with four days notice. It was a beautiful production that everyone at Staged! was proud to have produced. The cast and band are an exceptional group of young artists who made the absolute most of their opportunity and created a production that will be remembered, by those who saw it, for a long time. The cast of 13 were the epitome of what Staged! is about "We Grow Artists" . An audience member said to me on closing night "They were spectacular" I said "Thank you." she replied "I don't mean on any sliding scale- that- was just simply spectacular." 13 will never be forgotten by the artists involved. Everyone from the crew, to the front of house, designers, musicians, actors, directors and stage management felt the spark of this show it was the pride in their work and the belief in the power of the story we were telling that propelled 13 to that "next" level. It was the greatest show I have ever been a part of-ever. I will always be grateful to Staged! and everyone involved with 13 for making it possible and making it soar.  Thank you.