“As both an actor and director Paul is consistently a resource full of imaginative ideas but at the same time he has always been willing to hear the opinions of others and defer to those that might be better than his own. As a director, Paul is a refreshing eye and will always have something outside of the conventional norm to offer in any given situation.  In my experience with him he could be remarkably devoid of ego.  He is a talented and devoted theatre artist and one that you will find brings a fresh perspective and a great love of the art form to all that he does.”


Steven McElroy

Theatre Director/ Freelance writer for the New York Times.

  • A brief history from then till now...

    When I was eleven years old I saw a live theatrical production for the first time in my life- it rocked my world-instantly the focus of my life was set and has never wavered from the course my heart demanded that day as I sat on the gym floor riveted to the High School’s production of “Oklahoma.”  While the image is comical to me now the passion ignited that day was very real.  My trajectory through the art of theatre began as an actor-Acting would become the supreme focus of my young life.

  • Thank You RACC

    This website was made possible by a generous grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland , Oregon.  I am eternally grateful-this site would not be possible without their financial support. Thank you RACC for all you do for the arts and artists in Portland, OR.

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